Villain with Good Publicity

What makes a bad guy hard to defeat? The bad guy who has everyone convinced he's actually the one you should put your faith in. We call them the "Villain with Good Publicity". Maybe it's a case of the villain controlling the publicity by being in a position of power, like President Snow being in … Continue reading Villain with Good Publicity


Unwitting Pawn

Chess is a game of strategy and tactics; skills that are considered transferable to many life lessons. Sometimes, the characters we love are like this singular white pawn facing down all the pieces in black. It's rather intimidating. What's even harder to face? The realization that they may have been an "Unwitting Pawn" in the … Continue reading Unwitting Pawn


The Quest is a standard in any fantasy novel. Usually characterized by a long journey, where you encounter all sorts of creatures that only exist in your fantasy world. Courtesy of J. R. R. Tolkien's visions of Middle Earth with Hobbits and more in his Lord of the Rings stories, this is how we envision … Continue reading Quest