What Time is It

It’s Friday, so this is a very short #flashfiction piece I wrote a while back. “What time is it?” Jacob looked up irritably at the interruption. “It’s time you started learning to tell time for yourself.” He snapped his book closed decisively before scooping up his little brother and tickling him. “Stop, stop.” His brother … Continue reading What Time is It



It's #ShortStorySunday, so I have a short story I wrote just about a year ago to participate in WRiTECLUB. WRiTECLUB is a competition hosted by DL Hammons on his blog. What makes this competition different?  You, the reader get to choose who moves forward to the final round. In 8 bouts, 500-word stories are pitted … Continue reading SunCatcher

Save the Dragon

Sliding in with a last minute post for #flashfictionfriday. Today's prompt is a picture (below) and comes from my stash. “What green dragon?” My father looked rather confused at the description from the newspaper clipping I had found tucked under the door. “Are they talking about the teal blue one? There’s nothing harmful about him … Continue reading Save the Dragon