Revolution Whisperer

Welcome back to #flashfictionfriday with the longest "flash fiction" piece yet. It didn't come out exactly as I planned, but I hope you enjoy! “Let me tell you something about your grandmother.” Mama pulled Jayson onto her lap. He tried to wipe his running nose without her noticing. Seven was too old to cry over … Continue reading Revolution Whisperer


Forest of Secrets

I'm back for #flashfictionfriday! This piece feels like the beginning of something longer, so I may revisit this again. But I wanted to share since I missed last Friday. Enjoy! The large bushes weren’t really enough cover, but Holly ducked behind them anyway. She didn’t have much choice. The scrub brush in this part of … Continue reading Forest of Secrets

Save the Dragon

Sliding in with a last minute post for #flashfictionfriday. Today's prompt is a picture (below) and comes from my stash. “What green dragon?” My father looked rather confused at the description from the newspaper clipping I had found tucked under the door. “Are they talking about the teal blue one? There’s nothing harmful about him … Continue reading Save the Dragon