Save the Dragon

Sliding in with a last minute post for #flashfictionfriday. Today’s prompt is a picture (below) and comes from my stash.

“What green dragon?” My father looked rather confused at the description from the newspaper clipping I had found tucked under the door. “Are they talking about the teal blue one? There’s nothing harmful about him at all.” He paused to push his glasses farther up his nose and scratch at the graying hair over his left ear. “He’s a water spirit. He comes in this way to bring us rain clouds, then heads back out to sea.”

“So, if he’s slayed, they’ll be no rain?” I grasped onto the idea, already writing a scathing response to the advertisement to be prominently posted in tomorrow’s paper.

“Not necessarily. The little white one can help push in clouds, which will bring us rain eventually. She’s rather a slow worker though, because she’s so much smaller and lighter than the sea dragon.”

I sighed. Pop was going to be no used to me now that he’d started comparing the relative properties of the different dragons. As the foremost expert in the field, his knowledge was rather impressive. His ability to stay on track was decidedly frustrating.

We needed to act fast before some foolhardy adventure seeker actually went and did the dirty deed. Now I remembered, this dragons name was Clement, and he was a kindhearted soul. Pulling my rain coat out of the closet, I grabbed my phone from the counter. It was the work of seconds to pull up the local weather, and I searched the small map until I found the sizable thunderstorm brewing just a few miles away.

“I’m heading out to find him.” I grabbed the car keys from the counter and shoved them in my pocket. “Any hidden talents I should know about?” A map, compass, and the secret badge swearing our protection for the local dragon clan disappeared into my other pocket.

“Take the rain coat off. He won’t trust you if he thinks you don’t like the water.”

Reluctantly, I threw the coat back into the closet, transferring everything into the pockets of my jeans until they threatened to fall off from the weight.

With a quick wave, I headed out to the car, pulled up the on board GPS, and headed out.

I hoped and prayed I’d be the first one to find him.

I hope you enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Save the Dragon

  1. Hey Bookworm! This is really good! It would make such a great intro to a longer novel. The world of the story unfolded so cleanly through the descriptions of the characters and what they’re doing. Great job! Sorry I haven’t been able to keep up with your flash fictions.

    Liked by 1 person

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