School of Prophecy

I’m back for week two of my personal flash fiction challenge. This prompt comes from the Tumblr page @writing-prompt-s. The top bold part is the prompt, everything underneath it is mine. I hope you enjoy!

The chosen one is a middle school teacher who teaches kids destined for villainy how to twist their respective prophecies and become good members of society.

“The child born on the eve of the eclipse will be wrapped in darkness, fated to be alone and to cloak the world in shadows.”

Frank snorted into his coffee. Why was it that prophecies were never made in plain English? Whatever did they mean about cloaking the world in shadows?

He placed the prophecy back into the folder and picked up a copy of the transcript. Most of his students had attended the “School of Prophecy” since Kindergarten. It was rare for students to transfer into his 6th grade class from another school. Apparently, since the eclipse had taken place at approximately midnight, it had taken the admissions counselors this long to determine the exact child destined to fulfill the prophecy.

This was going to be quite the transition for young Robert. Reviewing the remainder of the records in the thin folder, Frank noticed he had previously attended a larger than average school – his new class would consist of only five other students. Frank smiled to himself. Five plus Robert made six, a number of Harmony and Nurturing. Exactly what his class needed as they were introduced to the possibilities their futures held – ones that didn’t have to be defined by the prophecies that were handed to them at birth.

That was the lesson Frank taught in his class. Other faculty members frequently teased him for his skepticism of the prophecies. But Frank believed every student could overcome the coincidences of their birth and live a life free of the doom and gloom that was so often predicted.

So it was with a big smile that he greeted Robert the next morning. Of average height, Robert was built like an ox, with wide shoulders and a broad face that was as closed as if Frank had just insulted him. The new student didn’t say a word as he dropped himself heavily into the seat Frank pointed out, glaring at the desk as if it had already offended him.

Well then, Frank thought to himself as he moved to the front of the classroom. I think we know where the whole ‘cloaking the world in shadows’ comes from. What a sour attitude. It really does pull you into thinking you’re having a bad day.

At least Frank had had plenty of practice overcoming the bad days. Which was exactly why he was here.

“Good morning everyone. This is Robert, our newest student. I hope you’ll all make him feel very welcome.”

Thanks for reading!


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