Joining the Flash Fiction Revolution

Happy New Year 2019!

To Celebrate the New Year, I will begin to post Flash Fiction stories here on my blog!  I started this blog to talk about the fantasy reading and writing world, and I realize I haven’t touched too much on the writing aspect.  Some of that will change as I begin to share some of my stories on here.


Flash Fiction for me is the next step up the writing ladder from my start in writing Fan Fiction.  Just a few letters different, they have alot of similarities.  Many of them come from a prompt – sometimes as simple as “What if?”

For me, this will be an excercise in adding detail.  As a fanfiction writer, I take advantage of the fact that my readers know exactly what I’m talking about.  Now, I will have to help my readers “see” my world, meaning I can’t just jump from action scene to action scene.

Hopefully, this practice will help prepare me to draft a full length novel!

I’ll be taking prompts from my Writer’s Digest 2019 Daily Calendar, as well as other prompts that come across my path.  I’m working on a stash to ward against the days when they come out awful!

I will continue to do other posts on reading, favorite stories, or just whatever else strikes my fancy, earlier in the week as well.

For now, goodbye until Friday!


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