A Meaningful Life

It has officially been one month since my last blog post. That’s a lot of recovering from the A-Z Blog Challenge! I’m still reading through posts, so I look forward to continuing all year until it’s time to start again next April (Maybe I should start planning now ….)

This quote isn’t strictly book related, but it struck a chord with me on a book related topic, so I thought it would be nice to share:

Once again, we’ve discovered something that isn’t entirely new. Search “Meaningful Life” and I’m sure you could come up with a hundred different quotes that have a similar theme – Life is about the human connections.

How does this tie in to Books?

On the surface, it often seems the characters in stories are striving for the visible results: fame, riches, etc. But are they really?

Harry Potter is famous, sure, but what does he want most when he goes to Hogwarts his first year? True Friends. We even find out Harry is rich, but is that what helps him defeat Voldemort? No.

The power of teamwork and friendship can be found in almost any story where the “good guys” win. As readers, are we looking at the process for winning, or are we focusing on the win alone?

It’s not about the end result (unless your stopping an evil wizard), it’s about the lives of every person you touch along the way. (Edward Elric of FullMetal Alchemist reminds us of this in the final chapters: he and Al are going to “retrace” they’re route to Thank those who had helped them the first time around).

Every once in a while, we take away the evil villains and the fame and the money and the popularity and we have a story that focuses on the power of human connections: It’s a Wonderful Life draws us in to such a story, and the power that lives within each and every one of us, to touch another person, and leave their world a little better for it.


4 thoughts on “A Meaningful Life

  1. So very true! I fall in love with characters and can overlook plot holes. However, the best plot won’t allow me to overlook characters I can connect to – it’s definitely all about connections for me!

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  2. In today’s world where everyone seems to be rushing around, focused on the new latest and greatest whatever that we have to have, or caught up in technology we can actually ignore the person sitting next to us. As for thanking those to help us along the way of life – we need to remember that gratitude is an attitude – a good one!

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    • You’re right – technology has taken over making those human connections – so it’s even more important to recognize and take advantage of the opportunities to help others.


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