Villain with Good Publicity

What makes a bad guy hard to defeat? The bad guy who has everyone convinced he’s actually the one you should put your faith in. We call them the “Villain with Good Publicity”.

Maybe it’s a case of the villain controlling the publicity by being in a position of power, like President Snow being in charge of the government and de facto in charge of the entertainment industry through his policies. Or maybe, they are able to hide their actions behind a facade of helpfulness, telling you how these measures are only for your own protection. To keep with the Huger Games theme, this is President Coin. Even though she runs a propaganda campaign that could rival the Capital, she is seen as the “good guy,” because she is rebelling against the government. Everything she does that is reminiscent of Capital type behavior? Short term, war time conditions only. And we know she has as much concern for protecting innocent lives as President Snow.

This is the perfect tie in to tomorrow’s trope, “What are You in the Dark.” Check in then to see why good publicity can only take you so far.

Don’t forget, WRiTECLUB is still going on over in DL Hammons blog. Voting for each bout stays open for a week, so you can read the previous bouts. We’re halfway through the 30 winners – good luck to those who have not yet been announced.


4 thoughts on “Villain with Good Publicity

  1. Nice examples!! And I don’t know if you’ve ever gotten around to reading A Pocket Full of Murder (and this is a bit of a spoiler), but the antagonist there too has really good “publicity”. Like, literally. =P

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