Today is tell a fairytale day. If I had been smart about it, I would have marked my calendar for it last week and written up a cute contribution. So instead, I’ll just have to share a quote from C. S. Lewis:

Fairytales represent some of the basic values that we learn as children and help us to understand and interact with the world as we grow.

Cinderella teaches us that sometimes, even with hard work, bad things happen to good people. But that isn’t the end of the story. Keeping a good attitude and having hope goes a long way towards a better ending. Because even when it looks dark, the story isn’t over yet. That’s just when your fairy godmother shows up.

Sleeping Beauty reminds us we can’t protect our children by keeping them in the dark. And that our dreams our often trying to tell us something, we just have to figure out what the message is. (Oh, and if you’re baking a cake, you have to crack the eggs before you put them in the batter. Oh wait, that’s probably only in the Disney version)

Beauty and the Beast is about seeing beyond the physical or the here and now. It’s about thinking with our heart and not letting bitterness define us. It’s recognizing that there is a great big world outside of ourself, and we should explore it (and reading is a good way to start!).

And the best part? The one that appeals to every generation? They all end with “And they lived Happily Ever After.” After all, isn’t that how we all want our stories to end?

Now it’s your turn. What are some fairytales that gave you an aha moment later on?


4 thoughts on “Fairytales

  1. The Fairy Tale Review held a twitter contest for Fairy Tale Day. Participants were invited to write a 280 character fairy tale under the hash tag #tellatalltale. There’s some good ones if you happen to have an account.

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  2. I love that quote by C.S. Lewis. It’s always fun to go back and read our childhood favorites. These aren’t fairy tales, but recently I reread a Nancy Drew book and a Trixie Belden book. It’s a different experience to read them as adults, but reading them brings back memories.

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