Fantasy Mirrors Life

I’ve always held that Fantasy was a conduit for learning – about life, ourselves, the past, the future. It seems Lloyd Alexander beat me to the sentiment – and said it much more succinctly:

Fantasy allows us a freedom to explore the human psyche without the constraints of practical reality. We can focus on certain aspects of human behavior while also allowing our imagination to run wild.

In my opinion, this is the perfect formula to combine the strengths of both sides of our brain – and helps us to become not only more rounded as a person, but helps us solve the problems we face in our mundane lives every single day. And if that can’t help to make our lives a little better, I don’t know what can.


2 thoughts on “Fantasy Mirrors Life

  1. Ah, I remember that Lloyd Alexander has written quite a bit on the importance of fantasy. I come across some passages from him every now and then on Tumbr. Great to see that you came across one of his too, and what a great quote it is!

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