It's #ShortStorySunday, so I have a short story I wrote just about a year ago to participate in WRiTECLUB. WRiTECLUB is a competition hosted by DL Hammons on his blog. What makes this competition different?  You, the reader get to choose who moves forward to the final round. In 8 bouts, 500-word stories are pitted … Continue reading SunCatcher


You Brought Home What?

Mixing it up this week with an appearance for #shortstorysunday.  Here's a short piece from my "stash".  I hope you enjoy! “Can we talk about this for two seconds?”  My voice came out high-pitched and shrill, but for the moment, I didn’t care.  Finding a deformed alligator in your bathtub can do that to you. … Continue reading You Brought Home What?

Save the Dragon

Sliding in with a last minute post for #flashfictionfriday. Today's prompt is a picture (below) and comes from my stash. “What green dragon?” My father looked rather confused at the description from the newspaper clipping I had found tucked under the door. “Are they talking about the teal blue one? There’s nothing harmful about him … Continue reading Save the Dragon