Dog’s Life

I admit it’s been rather quiet around here, so I figured I’d drop by with a cute little piece I whipped up. Hopefully, the queue will be filled up again as soon as I can get the stories out of my notebook and into the computer!               “Come on, come on, the water will … Continue reading Dog’s Life

DL Hammon’s WRiTECLUB Starts Today

Happy Monday!  I discovered that the wonder that is technology ate my last #flashfictionfriday post - so while I recreate my post from the archives that is my writing folder on my laptop, I wanted to share a writing project that will keep many writers on the edge of their seat for the next several … Continue reading DL Hammon’s WRiTECLUB Starts Today


Sometimes, a writing exercise still turns into a nice vignette.  This #flashfictionfriday was inspired by an exercise to describe the same scene over displayed through different emotions from a particular list.  In the writing group, the other participants had to guess which scenario you were describing.  I think this one speaks for itself.               … Continue reading Windowsill


#Flashfictionfriday is a chance to explore - writing is a journey of discovery, and, just like our characters, the discovery is not always what we were expecting!             “I wouldn’t get too close …” Dan’s voice drifted down from the rocks above as Ben moved closer to the opening created by two boulders leaning against … Continue reading Discovery


Sometimes, #flashfictionfriday is just a chance to do a short slice of life story that's something we can all relate to.               The alarm went off, starting with a gentle, steady tone, and quickly accelerating to a frenzied pitch, insisting someone take notice and silence it. Eventually, one hand keeping the blankets pulled firmly … Continue reading Changes

Strange Dreams

Welcome to another edition of #flashfictionfriday.  Today's story comes from the type of prompt where you must use a list of completely unrelated words.  It's an exercise used in other artistic disciplines as well to combine the unexpected.  Presenting:               The courtroom drama went to commercial break just as the witness broke into tears … Continue reading Strange Dreams